Rapid Fire (ft. Donovan SOT) [Prod. by Taylor King] by Billy Blanco

“Rapid Fire” is now available exclusively on Soundcloud featuring the one and only Donovan SOT!





Produced by: Taylor King

Engineered by: JSin

2020 Upper Echelon Entertainment


Uh-uh… itโ€™s that nigga with a…
And you know my name is….
(Billy Blanco)
(Uh… Donovan yaaaaa)

Iโ€™m from the bronx
Where the bullets rain
Niggas bring the pain
While you on the train
Catching you lacking
They catching you slacking
You going to heaven
Now you on News 7
Iโ€™m getting this green like Iโ€™m Boston
Stunning these bitches like I am Steve Austin
Making the moves and they going in motion
Riding my wave now she wet like an ocean
Hop in the whip we so lit that we swerving
All the dub bitches yes bro I be curving
Catch bitches tripping like Zaza Pachullia
She try to dub me she say Iโ€™m s loser
Fuck with her sister that bitch name is Julia
Do not fuck with me do not get so stupid
Not pushing daisies get punched in ya two lips
Hit in ya chest like you taking some JUUL rips
All these bum niggas will talk and will say it
Bitch iโ€™m like Nike cuz i will just do it
So good with words that they call me a lyricist
She listen to me like I am a hypnotist

Crazy bitch claim to be the plug
But last night turn that bitch into the socket
Iโ€™m balling hard in like i am a rocket

And you not on my level
Giving cuts like the Bevel
I keep three racks up in this poncho
Itโ€™s Donovan and Billy Blanco

All about I now they calling me apple
Popping his top now they call him a Snapple
We playing ball you get hit with a floater
So much green on me they thought I was Yoda
Bet on ya life bitch if you a high roller
Gimme a roller cuz I am a stoner
Smoking a blunt and we inside the whip
Blue in the face like this nigga a crip
Blunts to the face and my niggas will trip
Gimme the Henny and Iโ€™ll take a sip
Nigga you cold and I call you December
She wanna link but I do not remember
That bitch a dub everyday of the week
She think I love her that shit got me weak
Do not talk to me do not even speak
Chasing my dreams and they calling me meek
Bad bitches, money, thatโ€™s all that i seek
Pissing them off like Iโ€™m taking a leak
Give her dick and Iโ€™m hitting the gut
She going crazy and craving the nut
She is a freak, she acting like a slut
Loving to stunt and I do it with fashion
Stunt with the fashion, do it with a passion
Snap on this beat nigga im just straight lashing

Thought I told you that Iโ€™m different
Leveled up and now Iโ€™m winning
Donovan, Rapid Fire
And Billy Blanco, guns for hire