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In this clip, Boosie spoke about creating his upcoming album, BooPac and pointed out how his lack of features is a way of proving himself as an artist. Boosie talked about how clamoring for the hottest artists to appear on your album could negatively impact one’s artistry. He stated that fans would be getting all Boosie for this BooPac project.

Boosie later detailed how he understood the dichotomy between the streets and the entertainment industry. Boosie talked about Pac being such a huge inspiration but he noted how starkly different their upbringings were. Because of that, Boosie looks at the content that Pac created as well as Biggie not being comparable to his when it comes to gangsta sh*t. This stems from an IG Live video from Boosie where he makes the claim but fans misinterpreted that he was speaking on being a better artist than Pac and Big. Boosie cleared that up stating he was strictly referring to street sh*t in his rant.