SHARE – Surely by now everyone knows about the news that broke yesterday regarding Bill Cosby. The now infamous actor admitted back in 2005 that he did in fact purchase seven quaalude prescriptions with means to use them on women in return for sexual favors. Several people – including vocalist Jill Scott – have voiced their outrage over the confession, while others like Faizon Love bashed people for paying so much attention to the matter. If you were to ask Dr. Boyce Watkins, from a a legal stance “there’s a difference between being guilty, not guilty and innocent…I don’t think Cosby’s innocent, but I don’t know if he’s guilty.”

According to the famed social commentator, there are several factors to include in Bill Cosby’s situation. “The number of accusers against him is just insane, I mean it’s hard to ignore 30 people,” he digresses. “You have to pay attention to that.” But there is one question Dr. Boyce Watkins feels everyone needs to ask. “Why in all of these sexual assaults is there no physical evidence?” Boyce Watkins wonders, bringing up the fact that “false allegations do exist,” which leads into an extensive talk on the numerous false rape allegations that take place in this country. “It happens enough that you have to ask questions.”

While he also feels it’s not good “for any of us to think of Cosby as the perfect guy,” Dr. Boyce Watkins says you should remember all the good that he has done for the Black community in the past. Though he views Bill Cosby as “kind of a prick,” “he’s also the guy that gave $20 million to Spelman College – Floyd Mayweather ain’t giving $20 million to Spelman. He’ll buy a $5 million car, but won’t buy $5 million worth off scholarships.”

In the end, he gives this advice to young women all over the world who may ever encounter a man like Cosby: “Sometimes when you meet that guy, that older guy who’s friendly, the father figure who’s helpful, who’s so generous, who’s willing to pay your way through school and all this other stuff, you have to be careful because some of those men are expecting something in return for what they’re giving you. And on top of that, some of those men are sexual predators,” Boyce Watkins warns.

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