SHARE – Capone, Noreaga, and Tragedy Khadafi joined forces on the VladTV couch and spoke about the origins of their legendary group, CNN.

Capone was the first to speak about the situation, revealing that he first met Noreaga while they were both locked up, and he joked that their friendship had gotten so close that Nore wanted him to stay in jail with him. However, when the “Superthug” emcee was released from jail, the first thing he did was link up with Capone, who adds that they didn’t start rapping right off the bat.

The “I Need Speed” rapper then explained that he linked up with Tragedy in the studio, and Capone said that Tragedy was pushing for him to go solo, despite Capone pushing to be in a duo with Nore. It wasn’t until Noreaga impressed Tragedy with his skills on the mic did he see that the Queens emcee “could convey things and paint a picture without actually saying the word.”

Later on in the conversation Nore addressed his famous “choppy” rhyme style and him rapping about real life crimes and police activity in his songs, which you can hear more about above.


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