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In this clip, DeRay Davis gives his take on the Tyrese situation that seemed to worsen as the month drew on. DeRay disclosed that he and Tyrese are friends but pointed out the oddities of his behavior lately as someone or something other than the person he knows. DeRay and DJ Vlad discussed Tyrese’s financial woes but couldn’t quite understand how considering the lavish lifestyle the singer/actor has which includes an insanely decked out crib. But DeRay did offer some comedic relief when talking about the crying video, stating that Tyrese was pulling an old trick men use not to pay extra child support.

DeRay also took a look at the ‘twerk’ video Tyrese made before taking a prepared meal to his wife, and he [DeRay] found it funny. He said that’s something he’d do for his significant other – or in DeRay’s case, others.