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In this clip, Hip-Hop cop Derrick Parker discussed some of the higher-profile cases in hip-hop. He first tackled the Chinx murder claiming that he doesn’t see the case ever being solved as well as claiming that he believes the entire situation was a setup. Parker also broke down the case against Suge Knight and how the police department wants nothing more than to keep him locked up.

Parker also revealed that he worked on the infamous BMF case. He spoke of Big Meech being a smart guy but how the flashiness surrounding BMF is what made the organization unravel. Parker brought up the incident between Meech and one of Puff’s bodyguards, Wolf, who was murdered in Atlanta. Parker said this incident singlehandedly changed the nightlife scene in Atlanta, causing clubs to close at 2am. He later broke down how Big Meech was eventually convicted and how the famous jeweler, Jacob the Jeweler was connected to BMF and served prison time as well.


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