Invest Fest Europe 2022 | Earn Your Leisure

POV attending investFest Europe

Started by the guys from earn your leisure Invest FEST is an in-person experience that combines investing entrepreneurship culture entertainment.

Valuable talks from industry experts held at the Royal Albert Hall it’s a location for small businesses top entrepreneurs and celebrities like Wall Street TRAPPER + more to come together Under One Roof

@mgthemortgageguy @troymillings, @19keys and @rashidbilal all dropping gems.

Patricia Bright a very successful YouTuber British entrepreneur shared the stage with Antoine Dixon-Bellot to talk about property.

Anton himself is doing bits in the media and entrepreneurial world for the UK.

There were networking opportunities I bumped into up and coming influencer @Jayvsop sick guy been following him for a while #Imbrokebaby

Overall had a sick time in London with friends and family valuable lessons and networking with entrepreneurial and investment like-minded people.

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