SHARE – Ar-Ab got pulled into Meek Mill and Drake’s beef after the “Lord Knows” rapper said “f*** Ar-Ab” during a show, which ultimately led to both sides of their camp going at one another. After Meek’s cousin Omelly threw shots at Ar-Ab online, Dark Lo released his “Warm Ups” diss, which he told VladTV wasn’t something he wanted to do.

He explained, “I’m not really with bashing Meek…because we’re all from Philly, and I feel like it’s kicking him while he’s down.” Ar-Ab chimed in and explained that Omelly is actually “one of the nicest people,” despite some people thinking that he’s Meek’s goon.

During the conversation Ar-Ab and Dark Lo also spoke about being approached by police after getting dragged in the fight. Dark Lo revealed that he was “hemmed up” by officers while shooting a video, but he made it clear that the beef wasn’t going to turn into any street violence.

Ar-Ab also shared how Meek’s probation officer confronted him about the situation, which you can hear more about in the above clip.