Ayanna Jackson on Cooperating with Police to Get 2Pac Charged with Rape (Part 5)

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Part 1: https://goo.gl/Gz1XhC
Ayanna Jackson continues to tell what happened after she met with the Parker Meridien security. The staff called the NYPD, and Jackson was required to identify the individuals involved in the alleged assault in 2Pac’s suite. After which, she was escorted to the hospital for a rape kit, then to the precinct in a hotel robe where she spends the night on a couch before meeting with the Special Victims Unit.

Jackson also speaks about the implications that she cooperated with the police to help get 2Pac prosecuted. She claims that she and Pac made peace after the fact, but she believes that “perhaps it would have happened with Tyrone down the block it may not have been given the same attention.”


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