Boosie on Rappers Getting Into Drug Dealing After Fame to Fulfill a Fantasy (Part 3)

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Boosie shared his thoughts on rapper Tru Life telling VladTV that it’s impossible to be a gangster and a rapper at the same time, as the Baton Rouge spitter admits that he got caught up trying to do the same thing. Boosie admits that a lot of rappers have an appeal for the street lifestyle, especially after they make it big and have a means to fulfill a fantasy of being a drug kingpin.

During the interview, Boosie also addressed a shooting in Gardenia, California at the venue of his show, which the media made it look like he kept performing after people were shot. Boosie vehemently denied the claims, saying that he was at his hotel for an hour when he got the news. To hear more, including how he lost his tour after the incident, hit the above clip.


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