Boosie: The 2Pac & Mike Tyson Type Rape Allegations of the 90s are Back (Part 8)

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In this Vlad TV exclusive, Boosie gives his take on the latest sexual assault allegations. He thinks it’s “getting out of hand.”Although most of the cases turn out to be true, Boosie believes some cases are not.

He says some of the women who came forward just want the money. He also compares today’s plethora of cases to the early 90’s (e.g., Mike Tyson and 2Pac). He even discusses a woman who allegedly falsely accused him. “Women make bad decisions when they’re mad,” Boosie explained.

Take a look at the interview above.


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eChoiceInterviewMedia BuzzNewNews | Published 11:13 pmWed, December 13, 2017 | By hiphop
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