SHARE Cash Money emcee Caskey sat down for an episode of DJ Smallz Eyes and shared his thoughts on white rappers using the n-word.

After prefacing his answer by saying that he doesn’t care what other people say, and he doesn’t want other people caring about his choice of words, Caskey admits to using the n-word around his black friends. He then explains that words aren’t something to get hung up on, especially when the person receiving the messages understands the intentions of the speaker.

During the sit-down Caskey also spoke about the state of white rappers in Hip-Hop today, and the “Movin'” rapper said that there’s no shortage of talent when it comes to white rappers. He then adds that just being white isn’t enough to get attention in the HIp-Hop world today.

Check out more of what Caskey had to say in the above clip.


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