China Mac on His Father Snitching on Chinese Mafia Boss Machinegun Johnny (Part 2)

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In this clip, China Mac discussed his father’s background as a high-ranking member of the Chinese gang, “The Flying Dragons.” He spoke about how his father was the gang leader, “Machine Gun” Johnny’s right-hand man, however, he revealed that he didn’t know his father too well. According to China Mac, his father really never claimed him. His father’s relationship with his mother was based squarely on business before the pregnancy. China Mac said that he had a deep animosity toward his father which prompted him to join his dad’s rival gang out of spite.

China Mac also revealed how his father snitched on Machine Gun Johnny. He told of the way that he and his mother felt unsafe at the time due to the reach that Johnny possessed. However, China Mac said that Johnny called his mother and assured her nothing would happen to them and called off any hit. China Mac said after that ordeal he completely cut off his relationship with his estranged father.

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