DeRay Davis on Hollywood Choosing 1 Black Comedian: It Wasn’t Built by Us (Part 6)

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Comedian DeRay Davis spoke to DJ Vlad about the concept that Lavelle Crawford brought to attention about Hollywood only propping up one Black comedian in the mainstream at the time. DeRay discussed how he maneuvers within that problem to promote himself despite the lack of spaces for Black comedians.

“I know what they mean about opportune moments, I know [there’s] not a lot. Kevin [Hart] had to wait until Katt [Williams] was doing whatever Katt was doing at the time. I believe there could be two – if Chris Tucker did what he wanted to do right now, he could still be doing his movies. I believe that Katt Williams could still be doing his movies,” explained DeRay.

He then went on to discuss how Black audiences treat significant events like holidays and because Hollywood wasn’t built for or by Black people, they don’t as a whole benefit from the system.


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