SHARE – Since “the police are probably watching this interview,” drill rapper GMEBE Bandz wouldn’t talk much about his gang ties but he sure had a lot to say about authenticity in hip-hop and violence in Chicago.

“You[‘re] fake if you ain’t talking about what you[‘re] really living. Period,” Bandz began when asked about Slim Jesus. “You[‘re] not living what you’re rapping about, so why are you rapping? You should mark it at the top of your song, ‘This is a made up story,’ cause I listen to hip-hop to relate to people.” At one point he even flashes his gun (again) as he proudly talked about his crew not needing security other than themselves.

During the talk Bandz also spoke about being a Titanic Stone and what makes his set different from others, proving once more his lyrics and videos aren’t facades. Find out why Bandz and his squad feel a person shouldn’t even want to portray a false image in hip-hop, and why “Chicago is a disrespectful place” in this insightful exclusive look into the life of Chicagoans and drill rapper artists.