SHARE – Growing up in Chicago, rapper Lil Bibby has had his fair share of run-ins with the law. Two years ago, the “Kill S***” artist says a police officer threatened to kill him and his friends. “I’m just gon’ tell the judge I was in fear for my life,” said the cop as he approached Bibby in the police station. “I can’t wait to kill one of y’all.”

Lil Bibby says the reason for their anger may be because him and his friends are richer than most police officers, which appears to spark jealousy from them at times. “We[‘re] just kids,” he expresses. “Officers be pissed off about that, man. They get paid close to minimum wage, and they gotta drive around in a hot a** car. I think you gotta show them a little bit of respect.”

Press play to catch Lil Bibby praise today’s Black Lives Matter activists for “being smart about” their approach and more up top.

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