Michael Rapaport on Drama with Q-Tip Over A Tribe Called Quest Documentary (Part 7)

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Michael Rapaport sat down with VlaIn this VladTV exclusive, Micheal Rapaport talks about the Tribe Called Quest movie, how the film was made, and his friendship with Q-Tip. He also touches on Nas’ involvement with the film.

Although Rapaport highly respects Q-Tip and Tribe, he described the making of the documentary as difficult because they weren’t all on the same page. “…In regards to making the movie, I’ll say this we should have made the making of the movie a documentary…because it was nuts”, said Rapaport. “But we were all nuts because we believed in what we were doing.”

Rapaport is glad that the film is significant and that it leaves Tribe members (and their fans) with something after Phife’s passing. Overall, Micheal Rapaport explains how Hip Hop has a major influence on his everyday life. He even names his top five M.C.’s

Take a look at the interview above.


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