SHARE – Mickey Factz sat down with radio veteran Star and discussed his respect within the battle rap community, even while never battling any big names. He also addresses West Coast rhymer Danny Myers calling him out to battle and what he believes happened to the $12,000 Myers “lost” to T-Rex.

Factz reveals that he actually had a battle set up against Big T back in 2013, but it never came to fruition. He also reminds Star that DNA has called him out several times, but he admittedly brushed him off because he didn’t think the Queens battler was good enough yet. Mickey now believes DNA could take him, but is no longer interested in the match-up.

Factz also speaks on many new battlers having “contrived” deliveries and says he’s simply not a fan of Danny Myers’ style, while confirming that Dot Mobb’s T-Rex indeed has Myers $12,000 that he paid Rex upfront to battle, which he calls a poor business move on Myers’ part.


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