Mysonne to Young Dudes Giving Girls Molly: You’ll Be Bill Cosby in 10 Years (Part 6)

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In this clip, Tamika Mallory and Mysonne discussed the story between Sidney Starr and Chingy and how that lends to the larger discussion of men having their careers jeopardized. The two disagreed on the nature of the double standard that exists in America. Mysonne pointed out that women aren’t being held accountable for their misconduct and/or lying about being assaulted. Whereas Tamika sees the issue being a lack of male vulnerability that allows them to come forward and speak about their experiences.

Mysonne spoke about the shift in culture and how in this day-and-age everyone, men, in particular, need to be more careful. He talked to the younger generation about how interactions with women need to have documented proof to ward against these types of allegations.


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