Nick Cannon: Hollywood Started with Studio Heads Sleeping with Actresses (Part 2)

After revealing the development of his “CNCNT” (Consent) App to DJ Vlad, the two men discussed the double standards placed on young boys and girls when it comes to the birds and bees. Nick Cannon said boys are made to believe the younger they become active, the more “machismo” they believe they possess or how there’s a culture to promote the teacher and male student relationship when all of it is wrong regardless of gender.

From there Nick speaks of the #MeToo campaign and how women and men alike are coming forward to report harassment or assault in the Hollywood industry. He reveals that old Hollywood and its system was designed to promote deals with actresses and various studios that would promote relations between the female star and the male studio heads. Nick says he supports the movement and believes this “paradigm shift” is necessary and likens its voice to the civil rights moment.


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