SHARE – Famed adult entertainer Pinky recently sat down with VladTV and weighed in on the world of strippers, working girls, and how her views on the subject have changed as she’s gotten older.

Kicking things off, Pinky was asked if she believes there are inherent problems involved with wifing a stripper. “No, not at all. I’ve met women I danced with at Magic City who had college degrees,” she responded before explaining that the women she started out dancing with were doing it for the fast money and lifestyle that came with it; not because they had no alternative.

When the topic of pimps and hookers came up, Pinky revealed that she had many working girl friends while growing up, and while she was never one herself, she learned a lot about the business from them. Her fiance Jeremy likewise learned a lot from the pimps that would hang out at the cinema were he and Pinky worked when they were younger, and even tried it out himself for a while.

“At one point [Jeremy] was [pimping]…it kinda fell in our lap,” she explained. “After a while he didn’t like it because he felt like it was too many problems, and it wasn’t worth the problems.”

Check out the full clip to learn why Pinky has no interest in working as a pimp, her thoughts on the type of men who are interested in women who sleep with other partners, and how she handles her fiance hooking up with other women.


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