While the world is going crazy over Migos’ hit single “Bad and Bougie”— thanks to Donald Glover’s shout-out at the Golden Globes—RA the Rugged Man tells us that he’s never heard the song and after listening to it with DJ Vlad, he’s not a fan. Although the rapper says he scouts for fresh artists, he explains people tend to recommend hot artists to his taste. He tells VladTV, “I bring rappers on tour with me. I got dudes that are monstrous, but a lot of people in my circle, they’ll go ‘Yo, you got to listen.” He explained, “If Migos were for me, I’m not saying that it’s not, but if it was really for me a lot of people would go, ‘Yo, you got to give these boys a chance. Go listen to that.”

Watch above.