SHARE – “I’m me. I’m EBE Bandz, bro – GMEBE Bandz. This what we do.”

Dallas-born, Chicago-raised rapper EBE Bandz has been in the game for years. Starting in his mid-teens, Bandz began writing after getting into some trouble with the law. Now, he’s ready to take the world by storm with his “brothers” by his side to show and prove he can’t be compared to those who fabricate their rhymes.

During the interview Bandz and the rest of GMEBE spoke to us about him being compared to Slim Jesus, the viral White drill rapper from Hamilton, Ohio. “All that talk that’s going on on social media, bro, you know what, it probably gassed my s*** up but I’m not drawlin’ off that,” he said. “I am not Slim Jesus, bro. He is not me. So stop comparing me to him, because he ain’t got s*** to do with me and I ain’t even diss shorty, yet. Period. I f*** with him.” He then added that he hasn’t reached the level of popularity Slim has “because my s*** look real and authentic. Not no foolery.”

EBE Bandz also spoke on the relationship with his crew, telling us “skin color [doesn’t] determine nothing with me between them.” We then asked Bandz his thoughts on the n-word, which he refuses to use in is music. “It’s a word, bro. I don’t say it because I find it disrespectful…Period,” Bandz stated. “My music still go harder than a lot of these motherf***ers who say the n-word.”

Hear more about his upbringing and musical influences in this exclusive clip.


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