Sophia Body Details Butt Shot Tragedies She’s Witnessed – Sophia Body doesn’t shy away from talking about the various surgeries she’s had over the years, including a boob job that she’s corrected three times without success. The famed model is adamant about getting the right surgeon for the job and researching the procedures, which led to a question about butt shots.

While Sophia admits that she’s never had the shots, she has known close friends that have gotten them. Many women are turning to back alley procedures these days, but Sophia warns viewers by sharing cautionary tales about the tragedies she’s seen in friends who’ve had to get the injections surgically drained due to infection.

During the conversation Sophia also revealed that she knows three people who are in jail for administering the butt-enhancing shots, which you can hear more about above.


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eChoiceInterviewMedia BuzzNewNews | Published 5:53 pmSat, February 10, 2018 | By hiphop
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