Trick Daddy on Gangsta Rappers Today Wearing Lipstick and Nail Polish (Part 1)

In this clip, Miami legend Trick Daddy talked about his relationship with DJ Vlad dating back over a decade, although he didn’t want to reveal too much as to not indicate how old they really are. The conversation shifted to the state of hip-hop today and Trick gave a run down about the way the current drug culture is undermining the music and the future generation. He spoke about how easy it is for rappers today to get hot from social media and mixtapes in ways that were unheard of back when he was grinding. Trick said that the rappers today, especially the gangsta rappers are no longer looking the part. He talked about rappers nowadays rocking lipstick and fingernail polish while also dyeing their hair and he sees that as a sign of some type of breakdown in hip-hop culture. He also suggested that hip-hop find a way to monitor who is and isn’t qualified to be a rapper.

Trick Daddy later discussed his project with Trina and the deal he struck with Slip N Slide/Atlantic and how he’s looking to bring back the old formula of 12-track albums with 2 singles and 2 videos for the upcoming project.


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