Trick Daddy on His Mother Having 11 Children by 10 Different Men (Part 2)

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In this clip, Trick Daddy talks about growing up with 10 siblings, each of whom had a different father. Trick Daddy broke down how his family found themselves in such a predicament dating back to slavery and the systemic barriers that were put in place to undermine the health of the Black family. Trick Daddy pointed out how the current welfare system is constructed in a way that discourages healthy, nuclear families in exchange for government assistance.

Trick Daddy talked about how different this era is in terms of healthcare as well. To Trick, the American medical industry is only looking to maintain disease, not cure it. He spoke on how disheartening it is to see people in their 30s and 40s die from things that usually only occurs within the elderly. Trick Daddy stated that this current generation needs to lay the foundation for the future to combat these larger issues.


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