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West Coast rapper X-Raided spoke to VladTV from prison, where he answered questions about gangs and how he feels like they are “parasitic organisms” that feed lies to the members. He explained that the gang is going to keep rolling whether someone is in jail or not, and the greatest accomplishment for younger members is to take the names of the OGs.

X-Raided spoke about hiring the prosecuting attorney that had him locked up after the attorney was arrested on child porn charges. He also spoke about recording over 20 projects in jail, as well his overall rehabilitation and the revelations he’s had during the later stages of his sentence.

X-Raided went into detail about his impending parole and went on to call out rappers glorifying gang culture with no real ties to a set as the most threatening influence on kids. He said upon his return home, he’s taking it as his duty to “2Pac all the fake gangbangers” in hip-hop.

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