In May of 2015, Chinx sat down with VladTV for what would be his last interview, as he would be murdered some nights later. The self-proclaimed “#1 Coke Boy” was always known to be rapper Stack Bundles’ right-hand man and “brother,” and in his last interview ever Chinx paid respect to the Far Rockaway legend who paved the way for his success.

“He definitely showed me that star power,” Chinx recalled. “Everybody can’t just walk into a room and just light it up. He definitely had that, and I always wanted to one day get my light up to where his was.” Both slain rappers grew up with one another in Far Rockaway and began working together musically in junior high school, forming a crew called the Riot Squad. Both up-and-comers were fatally gunned down in Queens nearly eight years apart, but their legacy will live on forever as two of Far Rockaway’s greatest rap artists. In this exclusive clip, he also recalled one of the few times he and Stacks didn’t see eye to eye. “I remember one time I argued with Stacks. I was still in the street and Stacks was making his transition from the street to music, and there was still a lot of things we needed — we didn’t have everything as far as studio equipment,” Chinx went on to tell.

Watch the clip above.