In 2016, Migos Quavo and Takeoff responded to famed-producer Zaytoven remark about how the group “changed the sound of rap forever.” Both rappers agreed with Zaytoven’s comments, and Quavo pointedly added that he wishes Migos would get the respect he feels they deserve for changing the sound of music across all genres.

During the conversation, Migos also spoke about Drake amplifying the use of the “Migos flow” after jumping on the “Versace” remix. They explained that after Drake mimicked their flow, it started a trend of other rappers trying to achieve the same sound by using the eighth note triplet flow. Though Gangsta Boo has credited the flow’s origin to Lord Infamous and 2Chainz credited it to Three 6 Mafia as a whole. Check out more of what Takeoff and Quavo had to say during the interview above, including how they started investing big money into their music before they hit it big.