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Boosie Shuts Charlamagne Tha God Down!

According to Billboard, rapper Boosie Badazz defended earlier homophobic comments and violent remarks about Lil Nas X on a recent episode Of The Breakfast Club.

He said in July that he would “drag his a** offstage if he saw Lil Nas X naked at an award show and beat his a **.”

Lil Nas X recently revealed he’s hired security due to concerns over safety, including comments made by other rappers.

Angela Yee asked Badazz questions about his comments during the radio program. Badazz stated that he did not think he had gone too far and that it was straight people that were being marginalized.

“I have to speak out because you can’t have an opinion on sexuality as a straight person in the world,” he said. He said that everything is harm. “If you say anything, ‘I’m straight. I like women’, it’s vulgar to, as you know.”

Badazz replied that it wasn’t true. It’s run by LGBTQ [people].

Charlamagne, the God tried to remind Badazz that rappers still talk about straight sex. But Badazz didn’t listen.

Instead, he brought up DaBaby’s comments from July at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami.

According to Billboard, he asked his co-host how many times he had been on set and heard someone say, If you ain’t got AIDS make noise’, and the entire club was like,?Ahhh’.” It’s a different time and because he is one of the largest. They make an example of others.”

Then he went on a rant regarding Lil Nas X, LGBTQ+ artists, and their impact on youth.

“Who loves these rappers?” Badazz stated, “The kids.” You can make every rapper follow this… and you will grab that generation. You know, I loved every single rapper when I was a kid. I tried to imitate what they did. It’s a new day, and I feel like they’re pushing this on our children.”

Charlamagne kept pressing Badazz to prove his logic, but Badazz did not relent.

He said, “I was like, ***, all those straight people in the globe, all these million of kids gonna see this, and ain’t no straight rapper going to say, ‘Nah, ****, they don’t want you on that television,’” If you were raising them, would it be okay to sit there and watch Nas X get his clothes off? Charlamagne, if you do, you are part of the problem.

Lil Nas X has shown time and again that he is a master at social media. He responded to a clip from the interview The Breakfast Club with this response: “Wow …. This is insane. My new single “industry baby” is almost as crazy as mine.

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