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BREAKING: R Kelly's Luck Just Ran Out In Prison!

R. Kelly’s personal doctor of 25 years testified Thursday about Kelly’s treatment of genital herpes. This testimony was taken after prosecutors accused Kelly of infecting multiple people with the incurable sexually transmitted disorder.

The singer, 54, whose full name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, has pleaded not guilty to charges of racketeering and violating the Mann Act, an anti-sex trafficking law. Kelly’s physician, Robert Sylvester Kelly, testified Thursday that Kelly had genital herpes at least since 2007, possibly as early as 2000. Prosecutors claim that he infected multiple people.
McGrath claims that the R&B singer is suffering from herpes since at most 2007. However, he believes he may have it as far back as June 2000 because of the symptoms he was feeling at the time. Although he was initially negative for herpes, he later said that he had not been diagnosed.

McGrath, who examined and tested Kelly in June 2000 said that he told Kelly to inform his sexual partners so they could make a decision about whether or not to have any sex.

McGrath also suggested R. Kelly should start to take Valtrex, a prescription drug for short-term relief. McGrath suggested that patients should be prescribed Valtrex daily if they have more than three outbreaks per year. McGrath would be called “frequently” by Kelly or his associates to refill prescriptions.

According to the internal medicine specialist, it was so frequent that he “memorized” the Walgreens number. Nicole Blank Becker, defense attorney, said McGrath had not documented a diagnosis. However, Kelly’s medical records show that Kelly began taking Valtrex in March 2007

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