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Cardi B An Industry Plant?

Azealia Banks has been making the most out of her Twitter fingers after Elon Musk allowed the controversial musician to return to the platform, and took to the Twittersphere to share relatively positive thoughts on Cardi B, whom she’s openly disliked in the past.

“Yo Bodak Yellow is really still a TOP TIER female rap record,” Azealia wrote. “It’s so fucking NEW YORK.” A fan then pointed out Azealia’s switch up, considering she previously called out Cardi for speaking out on American issues and not issues in the Dominican Republic, but Banks found the fan’s inquiry humorous.

“It’s mad funny how fans be thinking they know what goes on behind the scenes. Or think artists care about what y’all think about industry we work in. I’ve always thought bodak yellow was fire. Plus cardi b’s personal, mental and cultural glow up is solid.” #cardib #hiphop #hiphopnews #hiphopmusic

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