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Criminal Attorney Gives The 411 On Brother Polight's Arrest From A Legal Perspective!

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Attorney Phylicia Pearson stopped by The Hip Hop Uncensored podcast for the first time to give a legal perspective. Michael Noak, a pro-Black social media influencer and motivational speaker, was arrested for allegedly raping a 14-year old girl. Brother Polight was born Michael Noak on August 10, 1983 in Brownsville, Brooklyn. According to rumours, the polygamist is contractually bound to four wives and was also rumored as being in love with two more. Vlad was taken through his four marriages by Brother Polight in a VladTV interview. His lust for women was not satisfied by consenting to multiple marriages. The sexual assault on the 14-year old daughter of Orocho, his girlfriend of 37 years, led to him being arrested in Miami. Noak was in a relationship for less than a year with Orocho, 31 years old. T.S. Noak took the victim, aged 14, to an afterparty. Noak, who asked permission from her mother to talk to T.S. To use the time alone between Orocho and Noak’s daughter to repair the mother-daughter relationship. Noak took his victim to Club 11 at 29 North East 11th St. Miami FL. The club was closed upon arrival. They went to a room in a hotel at 1100 West Avenue Unit 319 Miami Beach, waiting for the new location. The defendant Noak provided the victim with numerous alcoholic drinks while they were in their hotel room.

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