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Cuban link Changes His Tune On Calling Fat Joe A Snitch?

Fat Joe had to respond to Cuban Link last week after a “Star Report” segment claimed to have paperwork proving he was a snitch. Cuban Link posted the alleged paperwork on Instagram and accused his former Terror Squad companion of being a rat.

Cuban Link stated in his first post that fat joe was exposed for snitching. Star deserves a shout-out for reporting the truth and maintaining it 100 percent. You might be able to understand why I didn’t get along that animal, but let’s wait until the paperwork is verified. But I will just sit back and watch as the rest of the fishermen bring the pale beluga whale in to shore!

Cuban Link made claims about Fat Joe, and he responded by saying that the paperwork was fake. Cuban Link admitted that the document was fake after a week had passed since the original allegations.

Cuban Link said that Star’s YouTube channel gave him his information. While acknowledging Joe’s response, he said that he wanted confirmation of the authenticity of the paperwork and “hoped it wasn’t fake”.

“I gave my time. Cuban Link stated that the other side had not replied. This made me believe Fat Joe is telling the truth.” “So, the paperwork as it is now is fugazi. I am glad I didn’t get swindled by ****,, so I have a part that’s happy. I did my research and found out that he is not a rat. He is not a snitch. He cleared his name, even though the paperwork is false. #fatjoe #cubanlink

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