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Did Torey Lanez Leave Cassidy NO CHOICE But To Get Back To The OLD CASS!?

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ip Hop fans have been awaiting glory Lanez’s response to Cassidy’s jibes, and the Toronto artist has responded with verbal guns blazing. A new beef was ignited following Lanez’s Funk Flex freestyle after the rapper spit bars that were eerily similar to Cassidy’s rhymes. The veteran called him out, but Lanez would respond by complaining about old heads not appreciating younger artists paying homage. Cassidy made it clear that he doesn’t need anyone to pay tribute by borrowing his bars.

Cassidy would later put his feelings on wax on his track “Perjury,” and fans waited for Lanez’s immediate response. Even Royce Da 5’9″ wanted Lanez to answer the call, and on Monday (August 9), Lanez surfaced with “‘When Its Dark (E-NFT) 8-10-21’ Freestyle.”

On the track, Lanez takes unrelenting shots at Cassidy. “Old n*ggas talkin’, I ain’t hearin’ em, I put fear in ’em / I leave Cas’s body in that casket his career is in / My prime to your prime, dawg, it’s no comparison / What you gon’ compare? Some SMACK DVD appearances? / Ding ding ding 15 seconds of fame is up / Was in them hotels with R. Kelly, we should flame you up,” Lanez rapped. That last line was, of course, a reference to Cassidy’s early 2000s classic “Hotel” featuring the disgraced singer. The delivery came courtesy of ASAP Rocky’s “Ghetto Symphony” and received mixed reviews on social media from Hip Hop fans.

Some thought Lanez took too long to reply to Cassidy while others didn’t understand why he wanted to keep the back-and-forth alive. Fans of the controversial star applauded his effort and were happy to see that he didn’t fold under Cassidy’s pressure. We’re sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard from these two, so listen to Lanez’s latest and read through a few reactions below.

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