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DL Hughley Just Shut Monique All The Way Down Today

Mo’Nique and D.L. Hughley have been trading shots over the past few days. It began when Mo’Nique aired out her issues with D.L. Hughley’s headlining slot at their comedy show a few days ago. Mo’Nique called out Hughley on stage, claiming that she was supposed to headline the evening. Hughley later fired back, claiming that Mo’Nique was stirring up the pot and creating a false narrative. This prompted Mo’Nique to demand receipts from him.As you may know, beloved actress Mo’Nique and comedian D.L. Hughley have been going back and forth on social media over a contract dispute. Earlier today, the 59-year-old responded to Mo’s public call for receipts, which he provided, but now she’s come through with some of her own, turning the tables once again.

“There were some of you who were fooled by the smoke and mirrors of D.L. posting his ‘Deal Memo’ versus his ‘Performance Agreement,” the Precious actress wrote on Instagram on Monday evening. “Here is my Performance Agreement and here are emails and texts confirming that, as per usual, I’m going to always keep it real and honest with my people.”The 54-year-old pointed out that her contract has been signed, while the one that Hughley posted was not. “What type of iron-clad agreement doesn’t have the signatures of the participants involved? Apparently D.L’s. Lol!”

“Now, you told me to check with my management and this is what I came up with, so how’d I do?” the comedian continued her poignant response to the author. “Perhaps you should have taken your own advice because I’m sure your team would have advised you against trying to pass a deal memo off as a contract.”

Mo’Nique then swooped in with some commentary on the industry, adding, “To those out there who thought a deal memo was the same as a performance agreement (especially some of the comedians) this is how we’re constantly taken advantage of by the business.”

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