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Iced Out Pastor Robbed During His Sermon In Brooklyn

A flashy New York preacher, who recently linked to multiple A-list rappers and Mayor Eric Adams, was the victim of a robbery during his Sunday sermon in his East Flatbush church, Leaders of Tomorrow (Brooklyn campus) on July 24. Just before the brazen attack, Bishop Lamor M. Whitehead asked, “How many of you have lost your faith because you saw somebody else die with what you were about to go through”At least three assailants interrupted Bishop Whitehead’s proclamation from with guns drawn, running up on him as the media team streamed the service live on Facebook around 11:14 a.m.Dressed in a burgundy and gold suit, the clergyman, who also spoke at Biz Markie and Black Rob’s funerals, immediately takes to the floor at the sight of the armed men. He says “All right, all right, all right,” as the first thug digs into his pockets and takes out wads of cash. He also takes the Bishop’s gold ring.

The criminal drops the ring and goes back to pick it up, the video showed.

A second gunman then goes to the stage-setting pulpit and goes into the preacher’s pockets again — seemingly looking for something. He leaves shortly after, with nothing.

The third guy, who was tall and thin, did not assault the preacher but continued to tell the on-watching in-person congregation not to move.

According to a police report, the thieves rolled out with $400,000 in jewelry.

A man sitting in the back and on the side of the preacher, never budged, until the men left.

Whitehead, a Brooklyn pastor who once was convicted in 2016 of a fraudulent auto-loan scheme where he was charged with identity theft and grand larceny, has has turned his life around. Now reformed, ordained, and consecrated as a Bishop, he serves the people while driving a Rolls Royce and dripping in Fendi and other Italian designers.

He is also good friends with Eric Adams, the second Black mayor of the city of New York.

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