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Kendrick Lamar Is Begging Us To Let Him Be Human

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At this point, Kendrick Lamar has cemented himself as a permeant nominee in the GOAT conversation and has essentially ran rap this past decade along with Drake and J. Cole as his only 2 true contemporaries. But Kendrick has taken on a more distinct and powerful public image than Cole and Drizzy. Even some listeners who typically don’t listen to hip-hop see Kendrick as a uniquely brilliant literary wordsmith.

And while Kendrick is a brilliant writer if there ever was one, perhaps the incredibly high lyrical bar he set for himself is what gave him writer’s block for years, the pressure of remaining the great, modern American poet.

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Narrated by: Spencer Pearman
Written by: Drew Landry
Edited by: Roman Bill
Music by: @nk music

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