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Lil Wayne's Worst Album is His Most Influential

Whether or not we’re willing to admit it to ourselves, we, as humans, are resistant to change. As a species that inherently craves the comfort of the familiar, anything that cajoles us out of our learned patterns of behavior or routine is likely to cause a degree of distress. And while this generally applies to our life experiences and circumstances, the same can go for the art that we love too.

When a musician or entertainer that we once cherished decides to switch up their style, it can make for a turbulent transition. In a modern context, this is seen with each new release from a rapper such as Kendrick Lamar who has consistently rejuvenated his sound over the course of his artistic journey. But while he’s now a million miles removed from the more conventional sound of a Good Kid M.A.A.D City, Kendrick’s working methodology– which is predicated on everything being not just purposeful, but aligned with a larger concept– means that the audience is liable to go along with him.

However, when an artist chooses to take an audacious leap without that same degree of care and forethought, the result can be so jarring that it almost warps our perception of the artist. And if anyone knows what that’s like firsthand, it’s Lil Wayne.

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