Steven A Smith Doesn't BITE HIS TONGUE Going At Dr Umar Johnson

ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith couldn’t understand why Dr. Umar Johnson, or anyone for that matter, would wish thousands of lashes upon him.

“I don’t know any human being alive I would wish 50,000 lashes on,” Smith said on the latest episode of the Know Mercy podcast. “Respectfully, how low can you go? Just because I said the man is in a still photo, you would say something like that about me?”

“Never met you, don’t know you,” he continued. “Educated brother, I wish you nothing but the best. But you would wish that upon another human being…a brother? Really? That’s how low you would go?”

I don’t know any human being alive. I would wish 50,000 lashes on. Respectfully. How low can you go?

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