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The Jack Harlow Experiment Has Failed

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Anticipation can be dangerous. Although feelings of excitement may seem as though they’re inherently positive, the possibility of falling short of your expectations can mean that sometimes, they’re always going to eclipse reality.

In the music industry, the major record companies trade in leveraging your excitement into cold, hard cash. Orchestrated by marketing departments that have mastered the art of the rollout, they can whip the world into a frenzy about a forthcoming project. Other times, the artists take such complete ownership of their artistry that they do it themselves. For example, look at the unique rollout of Kendrick Lamar’s forthcoming Oklama and the palpable hype that surrounds it.

But while building hype is a necessary evil of the recording industry, the problems arise when the promise of something momentous goes unfulfilled and the listening public find disappointment where something special was meant to be.

And at the moment, this is a lesson that Jack Harlow is being forced to learn the hard way.

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Narrated by: Spencer Pearman
Written by: Robert Blair
Edited by: Roman Bill
Music by: Josh Petruccio

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