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VH1 Just Did T.I. Dirty

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T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris faced a series of sexual assault allegations last year, which they emphatically denied. Even so, VH1 — the network that hosted the T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle reality show — canceled the long-running series in February 2021, just three weeks after it was renewed.

“We are aware of the allegations, and while they are not connected to our show, we have reached out to T.I. and Tameka Harris, as well as local and state officials,” an MTV Entertainment spokesperson said at the time. “Given the serious nature of the allegations, we have decided to suspend production in order to gather more information.

But over a year later, the show remains on ice. On Saturday (June 18), Tip shared an Instagram post featuring a meme that read, “I wish TI Family Hustle still came on.” T.I. evidently feels the same way and wrote in the caption, “@vh1 13 years no loyalty. No Integrity. Just jumped to conclusions. False accusations. No apology. No accountability. No closure. In the name of protecting women…while unfairly, without due process….Subsequently punishing Women??? No problem.”The trouble started last year when Tiny’s ex-friend Sabrina Peterson claimed Tip once held a gun to her head (although she admitted the incident happened while she was assaulting Tip’s former female assistant).

Following Peterson’s allegation, several other women accused Tip and Tiny of various forms of sexual assault. In a statement to HipHopDX, the Harrises vehemently denied the allegations.

“Mr. and Mrs. Harris want to be on record and more importantly want the public to know they emphatically deny in the strongest way possible the egregiously appalling allegations being made against them by Sabrina Peterson,” a spokesperson said to DX. “The Harrises have had difficulty with this woman for well over a decade. They are taking this matter very seriously, and if these allegations don’t end, they will take appropriate legal action.”

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