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Why Hip Hop Doesn't Respect Lil Nas X

The current owner of the longest streak at the number one spot in Billboard history, Lil Nas X is the polar opposite of what hip-hop is accustomed to in some ways, but starkly similar in others.

Ever since he arrived on the scene, the career of Atlanta’s Montero Hill– Better known as Lil Nas X– has been deeply intertwined with controversy. Beginning his career in subversive form by melding the normally incompatible worlds of country and rap, Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” led some to believe that starting your career on such a comedic note would ensure that it wouldn’t be sustainable for long.

But through a combination of social media-centric marketing, his tendency to diversify his sound, and just sheer stubbornness, Lil Nas X has strong-armed his way into the world of hip-hop and pop alike.

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