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Why Michael Jackson Bought Eminem's Music Rights

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When it comes to musical legacies, few are more talked about than The King Of Pop. Arguably as recognizable as Coke, Tesla or any other global brand, Michael Jackson was so widely known that most of the time that he stepped outside, he did so in disguise. And just like any other multinational business, Michael’s portfolio went way beyond his music catalog. For all that his public image has been widely dissected and debated over, one of the less scrutinized or studied aspects of Michael Jackson is the massive control that he had in the shadowy world of music publishing.

Over the course of his career, Michael bolstered his own record-breaking earnings by acquiring either entire catalogs or the select hits of other artists.

But where there were instances in which this could be chalked up to simple business, there are others in which the incentives behind purchasing the records seemed more personal.

And in the case of one of hip-hop’s biggest stars, it’s been argued that it was a petty chess move and the act of revenge.

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