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Why Rappers Can't Retire

Where sports stars will announce that they’re leaving their profession never to return, rappers have been so offhand with proclamations that they’re stepping aside that now, it’s impossible to take them seriously.

Concluding his career on the return to form that was 2020’s No Pressure, the No-ID produced farewell allowed an over-hated MC to leave the game with his head held high and a seven figure Twitch deal in tow. And at the time, Bobby Tarantino was adamant that he was truly done with his career on the mic.

But suddenly awarded with the enthusiastic praise that’d been hard to come by for much of his career, Logic’s farewell adhered to the Jay-Z philosophy of “they never really miss you till you dead or you gone, so on that note I’m leaving after this song.” And with his own parting shot of The Black Album, that’s exactly what Jay-Z did in 2003… Only to return four years later.

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