Home hip hop scenes Alpo ALLEGEDLY FEARED A Police Ambush Moments B4 His Demise!

Alpo ALLEGEDLY FEARED A Police Ambush Moments B4 His Demise!

Former New York drug kingpin Alberto “Alpo” Martinez, who was killed Oct. 31, was tossing baggies of drugs out his truck window while driving away from gunfire in the drive-by shooting that took his life, The New York Post reports.

Baggies were discovered on the street spaced out a few feet apart in an apparent effort not to have them in his possession when the police arrived, the Post reported, citing an unnamed source, which also noted that he had been in a federal witness protection program and may have been trying to circumvent being arrested because he knew police would be arriving.

A crime scene video purports to show Martinez’s effort to get rid of what appeared to be heroin in the baggies. It was not immediately clear if he had been released from the witness protection program or if he was simply visiting his old neighborhood.

Martinez, 55, died on Oct. 31 while sitting behind the wheel of his Dodge Ram truck in Harlem. At the height of the crack cocaine epidemic, he was at the top of a drug empire that stretched from New York to Washington, D.C.

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