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Boosie Goes At The Kamala Harris's NECK For Britney Griner's 9 Year Sentence!

Boosie Badazz is calling out US officials after hearing about WNBA star Brittney Griner’s 9-year sentence in a Russian prison.
The rapper took to Twitter to speak on the sentencing. “9 years for a dam weed pen! Like wtf I’m staying my Boosie Badazz in the states this is f***ed up .He went on to say, “How the hell this girls get nine years for a weed pen? And the USA ain’t doing nothing about it. If that was Taylor Swift, there’d be a peace treaty right now. They’d be drafting to go to war. For a weed pen. Nine years!”
Boosie continued, “What that show for Black women in the United States? And the Vice-President as a Black woman, you supposed to be on the frontline to get that Black woman out of jail.”
We reported yesterday that Griner was found guilty of drug possession and drug smuggling and sentenced to 9.5 years in a Russian prison. She has been imprisoned in Russia since February after being detained at the airport when officials claim that they found vape cartridges in her luggage with less than a gram of cannabis oil in them.
At the moment, the White House is in negotiations about conducting a “prisoner swap” that would include sending a Russian arms dealer who is currently imprisoned in the United States back to Russia for Griner.
See what Boosie had to say below.

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