Celebrity Mom Angel Massy Drops The RAW TRUTH On Orlando Brown & The He Too Movement!

Celebrity Mom Angel Massey hops on the phone with SamAnt from Viral Hip Hop News and goes in on Kings County Georgia. According to Rolling Stone, Fair attended a Halloween party at the Valley View Apartments in Redmond, Washington, in 2008. It was essentially a small block party where numerous residents had their apartment doors open to party-goers. But Fair was not a resident. Fair had been staying with a friend, Leslie Potts. Fair didn’t know anyone else at the party, which he had no idea was taking place as he had just begun his stay in Potts’ apartment. So a few of Potts’ neighbors helped him pull together a “construction worker” costume to celebrate the festivities. Rolling Stone’s report noted that others who attended the party said he was relatively quiet—which makes sense if he knew next to no one—but mostly, he was referred to as “the Black guy,” as he was apparently the only Black man there.

And that’s exactly what made him the one and only suspect arrested when 24-year-old software engineer Arpana Jinaga, one of the party’s hosts, was found beaten, sexually assaulted, and strangled to death in her apartment on November 1 of that year.

The lead detective in the case, Brian Coat, reportedly looked through photos of the party when he noticed Fair, who he referred to as “the only African American male at the party,” which led Coat to feel he looked like an “outsider.” And that’s what racial profiling is all about. Being Black makes one hypervisible when a crime has been committed. All that has to happen is white people seeing a Black person and deciding they don’t belong—that’s enough to make us suspicious.

Now, it turned out Fair did have a criminal record—mostly juvenile offenses, but also a third-degree rape charge he spent three years in prison for. In that case, Fair had entered an Alford plea, which Rolling Stone noted “meant that he accepted the plea agreement while still maintaining his innocence — a common tactic when you can’t afford to go to trial. He spent three years in prison for the charge.”

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