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Chicago OG Drops The REAL On Larry Hoover Denouncing The GD'S!

Now, Hoover has taken advantage of that opportunity. In a pair of letters to the judge and the public filed late Wednesday in Chicago’s federal court, Hoover wrote in a rare public comment that he is “no longer the Larry Hoover people sometimes talk about, or he who is written about in the papers, or the crime figure described by the government.”In his letters, Hoover wrote that the feds’ supermax prison has been called “as close to Hell as possible,” and he agreed. He acknowledged being aware “anecdotally that some misguided people” hold him up as a symbol. And he wrote, “I wish this were not so.”

“Regardless, these people are apart from me and do what they do with zero encouragement or direction from me,” Hoover wrote. “To be clear, if I had any ability to influence them, I’d ask that they’d forget me and forsake the gang life forever.”

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