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Dee 1 Just CALLED OUT The Entire Culture After The Death Of Louisiana Rapper JayDaYoungan!

Louisiana rapper Dee-1 goes on his IG and has strong words for the OG’s in the music game for how we have done a dis service to our younger counterparts of the passing of fellow Louisiana rapper JayDaYoungan
Using the stage name “JayDaYoungan,” Javorious Scott, 24, made a name for himself as a rapper in his hometown of Bogalusa. His rise in music ended Wednesday night, when police say he was shot multiple times outside a home on Superior Avenue.
Family members say his father, Kenyatta Scott Sr., was also shot. He’s expected to survive.“It’s sad. This is Bogalusa. It’s a small community,” said Bogalusa Police Chief Kendall Bullen.
Bullen says while on the scene, there was a second shooting, just minutes away. An SUV was shot up near the intersection of Marshall Richardson and Ott Roads.
Ray McGowan’s home was hit by several bullets in the process.
“I was watching TV and heard about seven or eight shots and so I just dove on the floor,” McGowan said.
McGowan pointed out at least five bullet holes in the side of his home, at least two going through the wall of his bedroom.
“This is where I would have been laying,” said McGowan as he pointed to a particular bullet hole. “This is where my bed is at. It hit my pillow.”
Later Wednesday night, there was a third shooting near Our Lady of the Angels Hospitals were Bullen says a house was shot up. No one was hurt.
“This shooting ended in car pursuit where suspects bailed, threw their weapons out,” Bullen said. “We were able to recover three long guns that were involved in the shooting.”
Bullen says all three shootings are connected and part of a larger violent problem.
“It appears sometimes a lot of our shootings and things in the young community are on opposite sides of the rappers they follow and support,” Bullen said.

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